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Feathers of all kinds - A perfect gift...

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I now carve these feathers using one of two different woods. The Basswood grows prolifically in our area and is easy to carve.  The White Pine is available but is hard to secure as many people are looking for this kind - to build with or to carve. This particular feather now hangs in the Office of the Premiere of Saskatchewan.  It was presented to the Premiere in October 2008.

These feathers make Great Gifts to honor someone at retirement or on special occasions.  Mounted in a shadow box with a dark back ground - it is something that will take your breath away.

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Doug and Sandra Lindsay are the recipients of the First Cottage Feather that hangs at their Braeside Mansion near Paris, Ontario

My adventure with the Canadian Geese

“In 1953 my father was working as a mechanic at the Government Garage situated just behind the old University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus.  I was 9 years old.  He met many of the government employees and leaders as he worked on their vehicles – including many of the Cabinet Ministers and a number of Premiers of our Province – T.C Douglas, W.S. Lloyd and W.R. Thatcher 

One of the employees that my father connected with was Fred Bard.  Fred was at that stage at the high point of his developing career at the RSM in Regina. One of his projects was the Canada Goose Nesting Project in the Regina Marsh.  Fred invited my father to bring his sons along for a walk out through the Marsh area to meet his nesting geese.  I’ll never forget that day as he showed us the imprinting the young geese had done with him.  As Fred walked along the young goslings followed him as if he was their mother.  It was Fred’s greatest desire to teach families and especially kids the importance of wild life living alongside of us. 

In the 1930s the Canada Goose population had dropped to a dangerously low level.  Under Fred’s guidance the Museum established the conservation project to develop and protect our Geese.  Fred’s work and love for these beautiful creatures was passed on to kids like my brother and me.

In the recent years I lived in Yorkton and Regina.  The fascination for the millions of Canadian Geese as they passed through the province was stirring to say the least.  In my mind, each loud Honk from these creatures called out to each other what Fred Bard had done for them.  These Geese are a Saskatchewan Heritage.

We moved to Peterborough, Ontario in 1998.  I think it was out of loneliness for the prairie that I began to carve the Canada Goose.  Then one day with the Honkers flying over our home I was moved one more time.  I began carving the different feathers of these beautiful friends of mine.  It was my simple way to honour them with my art.

This hand carved Canada Goose feather is modeled after a Canadian Goose Feather I retrieved from Wascana Park about 5 years ago – when we walked around the lake one more time.

The wood is from a very tall Bass Wood tree from Peterborough.  It was taken down after a storm. It stood for many years at about 90 feet in height and with a girth of 30 inches.  This feather came from the strong straight piece of the lower 47 feet of the tree.

For years the Canadian Geese have been flying back and forth from the fields to the Lake in our city over this old tree – just like they do in Regina.

With this feather comes my great love for my Home Province, for these beautiful Geese and my city – Regina.  I trust that it will bring joy and pride into your life as well.

~ Murray Lincoln ~

Artist with deep Saskatchewan Roots