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Caricatures of All Kinds

These are some of my newest caricatures.  You can see how Grandma Joy and Les and Kathy were made. click on the photo follow the Link

Grandma Joy

75th Birthday Present

Les and Kathy

Capturing a person in wood is great fun.  To see the look on their face as they open their gift - is a great pay back... or hearing of their delight makes my day.


The first one is my "Self Made Man"  This character has won a first place ribbon and best of show.  I think the idea caught the judges of that show.

Should you have some one in your life or someone that you work for that is this kind of  person - the Self Made Man - or Woman - may be the best gift that you could give them.

"Grandma Joy - The Hair Stylist"

The Carving of "Grandma Joy - the Hair Stylist"

The phone call was from Joy's granddaughter asking if I could carver a Hair Stylist.  The following photos show a little of the Wood Carving.


To see how Joy was carved Click Here...

Rosie's present for her Dad's 75th Birthday - ordered from Korea


Click here for more...

Then there is my Self Portrait...

My daughter Dana killed a Mouse and then started feeling terrible about what she had done.  To lessen her fear and guilt... I carved "Benjamin Mouse" for her.  Around the base of the Mouse Trap I placed a saying..."The Early Bird gets the worm... BUT the Second Mouse gets the Cheese!"  Meet Benjamin...


A lazy old dog walked into my carving shop one day... when he did I was inspired to carve these old hounds...

Do you have any idea how hard it is to carve two tails the same?  Well that is why they are different... betcha never would have guessed.

This trophy was carved for an "Overweight Out Of Shape" baseball team.  With that in mind... this carving was the result.

This door knocker was a hit from the day he was carved...